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Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Does Church Member = Christian?

4 Jun

This idea that because people are members of the church and attend regularly that they must be Christian is one of the most fatal assumptions, and I suggest that it mainly accounts for the state of the Church today. So we must be very careful at this point.

~Martyn Lloyd-Jones~

Preaching & Preachers (Grand Rapids, MI; Zondervan; 2011) p. 161

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Thomas Watson – Going to Church Requires Holy Violence

10 Sep

2. The second duty of piety wherein we must provoke ourselves, is, in HEARING of the Word. We may bring our bodies to the preaching of the Word with ease—but not our hearts, without offering violence to ourselves. When we come to the Word preached, we come to a business of the highest importance, therefore should stir up ourselves and hear with the greatest devotion. Luke xix. 48. “All the people were very attentive to hear him.” In the Greek it is “they hung upon his lip.”—When the Word is dispensed, we are to lift up the everlasting doors of our hearts, that the King of glory may enter in!

~Thomas Watson~

The Christian Soldier (Portland, Oregan;; 2010) eBook. Excerpted from “The Works of Thomas Watson” – The Christian Soldier. Ch. 1: Ways a Christian Must Put Forth Holy Violence. Pt. 3.2.

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