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A.W. Pink – God’s Holiness

24 Nov

Because God is holy, acceptance with Him on the ground of creature doings is utterly impossible. A fallen creature could sooner create a world than produce that which would meet the approval of infinite Purity. Can darkness dwell with Light? Can the Immaculate One take pleasure in “filthy rags” (Isa. 64:6)? The best that sinful man brings forth is defiled. A corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit. God would deny Himself, vilify His perfections, were He to account as righteous and holy that which is not so in itself; and nothing is so which has the least stain upon it contrary to the nature of God. But blessed be His name, that which His holiness demanded His grace has provided in Christ Jesus our Lord. Every poor sinner who has fled to Him for refuge stands “accepted in the Beloved” (Eph. 1:6). Hallelujah!

~A.W. Pink~

The Attributes of God (Swengel, PA; Reiner Publications) p.47. The Holiness of God

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21 Nov

A.W. Pink’s: The Attributes of God

On the back cover:

“Pink’s book explores attributes such as God’s decrees, foreknowledge, sovereignty, holiness, grace, and mercy, among many others, all packaged in a style especially useful for pastors, teachers, and Bible students. Our God who is above all names cannot be found through human searching alone, Pink teaches, but can be known only as he is revealed by the Holy Spirit through his living Word.”

From Steven Lawson:

“Each chapter of this classic work abounds with a high view of God that elevates the soul. Here is a brief, but profound study of the many attributes of God’s perfect character. Each page is not only doctrinal study, but devotional encounter for the reader. Here is a treasure house of God-centered, God-exalting truths that transforms our worship, walk, and witness. This is Pink at his best.”

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