Charles Spurgeon – Hope Under the Conviction of Sin

5 Jul

Let him slay thee, but do thou still trust in him. If he had meant to destroy thee, he would not have showed thee such things as these: love is in his heart when chiding is on his lips; yea, his very words of reproof are so many “tokens for good.” A father will not lift his hand against another man’s child, but he exercises discipline upon his own; even so the Lord your God chastens his own, but reserveth retribution for the children of wrath in another state of being. Bethink thee, also, that it is no small mercy to feel thy sin; this proves that there is no mortification in thy frame, but life is there. To feel is an evidence of life; and spiritual sorrow is a clear proof of life in the soul.

~Charles Spurgeon~

The Saint and His Savior ebook. p. 27.

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