Thomas Watson – The Very Hinge and Pillar of Christianity

30 Aug

Q: What is Justification?

A: It is an act of God’s free grace, whereby he pardons all our sins, and accepts us as righteous in his sight, only for the righteousness of Christ, imputed to us, and received by faith alone.

Justification is the very hinge and pillar of Christianity. An error about justification is dangerous, like a defect in a foundation. Justification by Christ is a spring of the water of life. To have the poison of corrupt doctrine cast into this spring is damnable.

~Thomas Watson~

A Body of Divinity (Grand Rapids, Michigan; Christian Classics Ethereal Library; 2002) eBook. p. 183. Chapter 6: “The Application of Redemption” Sub-chapter 3: “Justification.”

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