John Owen – Struggle Gives Evidence of Life

1 Oct

Believers have experience of the power and efficacy of indwelling sin. They find it in themselves; they find it as a law. It has a self-evidencing efficacy to them that are alive to discern it. They that find not its power are under its dominion. Whosoever [would] contend against it shall know and find that it is present with them, that it is powerful in them. He shall find the stream to be strong who swims against it, though he who rolls along with it be insensible of it.

~John Owen~

Overcoming Sin & Temptation – Indwelling Sin (Wheaton, IL; Crossway Books; 2006) p.235. Part 1, Chapter 1: The Nature of Indwelling Sin. eBook.

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  1. John Owen – Struggle Gives Evidence of Life | Time For Discernment - October 3, 2011

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