Book of the Week

11 Oct

John Calvin’s: Institutes of the Christian Religion

Claimed by many to be the best translation available of one of the best works of theology ever written outside of Scripture.

Here is a brief review of the book by WTSBooks:

Calvin wrote this as an aid to studying the Bible. Written in four books (actually, it comes in several formats), Calvin discusses the knowledge of God as Creator and Redeemer that men possess and he follows that with a treatment of the work of redemption achieved by Jesus Christ and then he discusses how the Holy Spirit applies redemption to the elect through the work of the Holy Spirit in faith-wrought union between the believer and Christ and finally he discusses the church and the role it plays in God’s plan of redemption and the life of the believer. A must read.

Here is what the publisher has to say:

“This is the definitive English-language edition of one of the monumental works of the Christian church. Under Dr. McNeill’s personal supervision labored a whole corps of expert Latinists and Calvin scholars. All previous editions—in Latin, French, German, and English—have been collated; references and notes have been verified, corrected, and expanded; and new bibliographies have been added. The translator and his associates have taken great care to preserve the rugged strength and vividness of Calvin’s writing. They have not, however, hesitated to break up overly long sentences to conform to modern English usage or, whenever possible, to render heavy Latinate theological terms in simple language. The result is a translation that achieves a high degree of accuracy and at the same time is eminently readable.”

Get the two volume set at WTSBooks for $49.16 here.

One Response to “Book of the Week”

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert October 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    I have both the S.C.M. Press copies (late 80’s) and The Westminster Press copies (early 90’s)… still going well! My S.C.M. copies are marked with pencil and ruler. Though my reading copy is the Westminster. With the dust-jackets. 🙂

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