John Owen: Keep Your Heart

10 Nov

Would we not be enticed or entangled? Would we not be disposed to the conception of sin? Would we be turned out of the road and way which goes down to death?—let us take heed of our affections; which are of so great concern in the whole course of our obedience, that they are commonly in the Scripture called by the name of the “heart,” as the principal thing which God requires in our walking before him. And this is not slightly to be attended unto. Says the wise man, “Keep your heart with all diligence” (Prov. 4:23) or, as in the original, “above” or “before all keepings”—“Before every watch, keep your heart. You have many keepings that you watch unto: you watch to keep your lives, to keep your estates, to keep your reputations, to keep up your fami­lies; but,” says he, “above all these keepings, prefer that, attend to that of the heart, of your affections, that they be not entangled with sin.” There is no safety without it. Save all other things and lose the heart, and all is lost—lost unto all eternity.

~John Owen~

Overcoming Sin & Temptation (Wheaton, IL; Crossway; 2006) p. 331.

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