Charles Bridges – Love In the Preaching of the Gospel

11 Feb

Love is the life, power, soul, and spirit of pulpit eloquence; entreating rather than denouncing the character of our office; and it is the delivery of our Master’s message with the looks and language of his own manifested tenderness, that attracts and triumphs over the hearts of a willing people. We wonder not at the Apostle’s success, when we read, that at Ephesus (which doubtless was an instance of his general course of Ministry) he “ceased not for three years to warn every one of them night and day with tears.” The most honoured Ministers have been men, distinguished, not for the brightest talents, but for an humble and affectionate spirit. Some eminent servants of God, from the want of this spirit, alarm rather than persuade; confirm prejudice rather than remove it; and consequently the effectiveness of their labours falls below many of their brethren, of far inferior gifts. ‘ The Christian Pastor, of all men in world, should have an affectionate heart. When he preaches, it is the Shepherd in search of the strayed sheep; the father in pursuit of his lost child.

~Charles Bridges~

The Christian Ministry (Edinburgh, Scotland; The Banner of Truth Trust; 1958) p. 337-338.

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