Charles Spurgeon – Fill Your Heart With Jesus!

6 Apr

He that is not afraid of sinning has good need to be afraid of damning. Truth hates error, holiness abhorreth guilt, and grace cannot but detest sin. If we do not desire to be cautious to avoid offending our Lord, we may rest confident that we have no part in him, for true love to Christ will rather, die than wound him. Hence love to Christ is “the best antidote to idolatry;” f64a for it prevents any object from occupying the rightful throne of the Savior. The believer dares not admit a rival into his heart, knowing that this would grievously offend the King. The simplest way of preventing an excessive love of the creature it to net all our affection upon the Creator. Give thy whole heart to thy Lord, and thou canst not idolize the things of earth, for thou wilt have nothing left wherewith to worship them.

~Charles Spurgeon~

The Saint and His Savior – (Darlington, England; Evangelical Press; 2001) Chapter 7: Love to Jesus – Part 2: Love to Christ Will Make Us Coy and Tender to Offend.

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