John Calvin – Christian, Do You Fear God’s Wrath?

26 Apr

What was figuratively represented in the Mosaic sacrifices is manifested in Christ, the archetype of the figures. Therefore, to perform a perfect expiation, he gave his own life as an Asham, that is, as an expiatory offering for sin… upon which our stain and punishment might somehow be cast, and cease to be imputed to us…. The Son of God, utterly clean of all fault, nevertheless took upon himself the shame and reproach of our iniquities, and in return clothes us with his purity…. Here, then, is the meaning of this saying: Christ was offered to the Father in death as an expiatory sacrifice that when he discharged all satisfaction through his sacrifice, we might cease to be afraid of God’s wrath.

~John Calvin~

Historical Theology (Grand Rapids, MI; Zondervan Books; 2011) p. 401.

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