Thomas Watson – Will Man Strive Against God?

22 May

2. If God is the Lord Almighty—let us take heed of hardening our hearts against God.

It was the saying of Pompey that with one stamp of his foot—he could raise all Italy up in arms. God can with a word—raise all the militia of heaven and earth against us, and shall we dare affront him! “Who has hardened himself against him, and has prospered?” (Job 9:4). Such as live in the open breach of God’s commandments, harden their hearts against God; they raise a war against heaven! “He has stretched out his hand against God and has arrogantly opposed the Almighty!” (Job 15:25). Like warriors who muster up all the forces they can, to fight with their antagonists, so the sinner hardens and strengthens himself against Jehovah: “He runs upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers” (verse 26). Bucklers anciently had one great boss in the middle with a sharp spike in it to wound the adversary. The grossly wicked sinner encounters the God of heaven—and runs upon the thick bosses of his fury, which will wound mortally. Who ever hardened himself against God—and prospered! Will men go to measure arms with God! Do you have an arm like God’s?” (Job 40:9).

~Thomas Watson~

The Great Gain of Godliness (Edinburgh, Scotland; The Banner of Truth Trust; 2006) Part 2: The Good Effects of Godliness;Section C: The third good effect of the saints piety—was that God REWARDED it.

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