George Whitefield – We Are In Safe Hands

25 Apr

Will you not see reason to pray for yourselves also? Yes, doubtless, for yourselves also. For you and you only know, how much there is yet lacking in your faith and how far you are from being partakers in that degree, which you desire to be, of the whole mind that was in Christ Jesus. You know what a body of sin and death you carry about with you and that you must necessarily expect many turns of God’s providence and grace, before you will be wholly delivered from it. But thanks be to God, we are in safe hands. He that has been the author, will also be the finisher of our faith. Yet a little while and we like him shall say ‘It is finished;’ we shall bow down our heads and give up the ghost.

~George Whitefield~

The Sermons of George Whitefield edited by Lee Gatiss (Wheaton, IL; Crossway Books; 2012) Sermon 13: The Potter and the Clay

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