Help Republish 500 Old Guy Books!

8 Jul

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If you haven’t seen it, Deep Roots Library is a kindred website of The Old Guys. Their goal is to bring many of the great works from men of ages past to the web in easy to read and beautiful format.

Right now, they are in the midst of a drive via the website Kickstarter to raise $10,000 by July 21st and they are asking for any help you might be able to give.

Here is their goal:

Our goal is to re-publish 500 old Christian books. Available to read online, to download, or as physical books. Help us make it!

They then go on to address these questions:

500 Books? That seems like a lot.

It is a lot, but we can do it, and the goal is to be done by February. Here are a few things that make us think we can make it:

The books are already written!
Every text is run through our highly customized system that runs over 6,500 different fixes. Spellings & punctuation are modernized, Scripture references are standardized, and many typos are automatically corrected. By the time a human looks at the text, well over 50% of the mistakes have already been corrected.
We have developed a blazing fast, easy to navigate website that gets out of the way and lets the content shine. It’s also mobile responsive, so it looks as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop.

What will the money be used for?

Lots of stuff – it’s 500 books after all! Here are just a few of the costs we’re going to be dealing with, some of which are for every book.

Cover designs
Specific OCR software for pre-1800s texts (whose idea was the “long S”, anyway. Seriously.)
Integrating book printing/shipping into the website.

Also, if you help support them there are many perks available at different giving levels. Here is a small sampling:

A gift of $100 or more gets you:
– (1) Digital copy of the entire Kickstarter project. That’s right, all 500 books (20¢ apiece)!
– (2) Deep Roots Library T-shirt,
– (3) everything from Reward #1.

A gift of $149 or more gets you:
– (1) to provide free access to a book of your choice for believers worldwide,
– (2) to write a short dedication/foreword to the book,
– (3) a limited edition hardcover copy of the book
– (4) everything from the $1 and $100 levels!

A gift of $200 or more gets you:
– (1) A Book Sponsorship from Reward #6, in a special gift wrapped package with letter-pressed card explaining that the book is published in their honoR
– (2) delivery in the early December, in plenty of time before Christmas,
– (3) a digital copy of the entire project, for you (the backer) AND for the receiver of the gift! Plus everything from Reward #1.

It looks like a pretty exciting and rewarding project!

Find all the details and considering supporting them at the link below. Remember, if you are thinking about helping out make sure to act fast:

500 Old Christian Books REPUBLISHED!

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