Reading and Studying John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion”

9 Nov

I recently came across a helpful post regarding the different translations of Calvin’s Institutes and how one might dive into further study and thought I would expand upon it for the benefit of any who are looking to read and study further:


Thomas Norton (1561)

John Allen (1813)

Henry Beveridge (1845)

Ford Lewis Battles (1960)

JI Packer on the Translations:

No English translation fully matches Calvin’s Latin; that of the Elizabethan, Thomas Norton, perhaps gets closest; Beveridge gives us Calvin’s feistiness but not always his precision; Battles gives us the precision but not always the punchiness, and fleetness of foot; Allen is smooth and clear, but low-key.

Some would disagree and say that Beveridge is more accurate than Battles…. Battles has notes and you can see what was added in which edition thru the lettering system he introduced. It is the one normally quoted by scholars.

Packer on Further Study:

You may desire to get Tony Lane’s “A Reader’s Guide to the Institutes” and if doing a group study then you may desire to consider Douglas Wilson’s “A Study Guide to Calvin’s Institutes.” If you desire to explore certain sections of the Institutes in greater depth, a collection of essays can be found in “A Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes: Essays and Analysis”, edited by David Hall and Peter Lillaback.

Read the Institutes in a Year:

Justin Taylor’s Write-Up on the Why and How:

All Things Calvin and Logos Bible Discount:

Visit the Calvin500 Blog:
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  2. william hamel November 13, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    Some would disagree and say that Beveridge is more accurate than Battles

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