Spurgeon.co is now SpurgeonRePreached.com

26 Mar

Dear friends, I’m very sorry to change things on you but it seemed right, before we get too far along in our new Spurgeon endeavor, to make the move to a more consistent purpose and vision for the site.

As a result, Spurgeon.co will now be SpurgeonRePreached.com

The new site will have the exact same features and the Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages will remain unchanged. Now, however, it will have a recognizable name that helps to highlight what is unique about it.

If you are an email or WordPress subscriber would you mind taking a moment to head over to www.spurgeonrepreached.com and re-signup?

RSS subscribers can find the RSS feed here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/SpurgeonRepreachedBlog.

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