Thomas Manton – What is Sin?

7 May

1620–1677. English Puritan clergyman. Lecturer at Westminster Abbey. Noncomformist.

Sin is a violation of the law of the eternal and living God: 1 John 3:4, ‘Whosoever committeth sin, transgresseth also the law, for sin is the transgression of the law.’ God is the lawgiver, who hath given a righteous law to his subjects, under the dreadful penalty of a curse. In his law there are two things—the precept and the sanction. The precept is the rule of our duty, which showeth what we must do, or not do. The sanction or penalty showeth what God will do, or might justly do, if he should deal with us according to the merit of our actions. Accordingly, in sin, there is the fault and the guilt.

~Thomas Manton~

The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, vol. 1 (London: James Nisbet & Co., 1870), 417.

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