Introducing Logos 7 with a Special Offer for Readers of The Old Guys

22 Aug

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Many of you may have noticed through the years that I am a big fan of Logos Bible Software. And one of the reasons for that is because there is no other Bible software platform committed to bringing quality works from theologians old and new to the digital age as Logos Bible Software is. Check out their recent projects to translate, produce, and even print:

The vast majority of books I read and quotes I post come from Logos resources. And one of the things that makes Logos so great is that I am able to carry a library’s worth of books around in the palm of my hand or on my laptop, making reading books a breeze any time the opportunity arises. And not only that, but having books in Logos allows me to effectively walk into a massive curated library and search every book for exactly what I’m looking for. So, if accessibility to physical books is an issue for you or if you spend a lot of time doing tedious, page-turning research then you might consider giving Logos a look.

The reason I am bringing this up today, is because Logos is launching a new version of their software: Logos 7. This version builds on their previous work and adds many amazing improvements and new features. When I survey how accessible so many amazing works are in Logos and how powerful the tools are it provides for Biblical research I wonder if we, in the Christian world, are really using such unprecedented abilities to our advantage. I thank God for the advancements Logos is making

Special Offer

For readers of The Old Guys, Logos has created a special landing page at If you are interested in purchasing a new base package and do so through this page you will receive a special discount. On top of that, I’ve selected the first volume of Abraham Kuyper’s new “Collected Works in Public Theology” titled “Common Grace: God’s Gifts for a Fallen World – Volume 1” for FREE.

If you are new to Logos, but are interested in a base package, I would recommend checking out the Logos Reformed base packages. These packages combine resources for studying the Biblical text along with many Reformed works of theology.

In the Gold Package, for example, here are a few of the resources you would get:

– Multiple versions of the English Bible
– Calvin’s Commentaries (46 vols.)
– The Gospel According to the Old Testament Series (13 vols.)
– Wipf & Stock D.A. Carson Collection (5 vols.)
– Wipf & Stock Works of Meredith Kline (7 vols.)
– Mobile Ed: Preaching the Psalms
– Mobile Ed: The Gospel Message in the Early Church
– Sidney Greidanus Preaching Collection (5 vols.)
– NA28 Greek New Testament with Morphology
– BHS with Morphology
– Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (McNeil/Battles)
– The Letters of John Calvin (4 vols.)
– Tracts and Treatises of John Calvin (8 vols.)
– Geerhardus Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics (5 vols.)
– Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology (3 vols.)
– Classic Studies on the Heidelberg Catechism (16 vols.)
– Early Church Fathers (37 vols.)
– Select Works of Jeremiah Burroughs (7 vols.)
– The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks (6 vols.)
– The Works of John Owen (17 vols.)
– The Essential Works of Jonathan Edwards (11 vols.)
– J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (7 vols.)
– The Works of B.B. Warfield (10 vols.)
– Select Works of Geerhardus Vos (14 vols.)
– The Works of Cornelius Van Til (39 vols.)
– And much more

Get your special discount here.

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