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SALE: Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology – 3 Volumes for $20

3 Aug

Charles Hodge Systematics has Charles Hodge’s three volume Systematic Theology on sale again for $20.

This was the magnum opus of one of America’s most prominent theologians and offers an in-depth exploration of theology, anthropology, soteriology, and eschatology. This monumental work, now a standard for theological students, was written while Hodge served as a professor at Princeton (replacing the use of Francis Turretin’s “Elenctic Theology”) where he permanently influenced American Christianity as a teacher, preacher, and exegete. Includes a comprehensive index. Three hardcovers, from Hendrickson.”

Check the sale out here.

An Updated Version of John Calvin’s Sermons on 1 Timothy

5 Mar


“Today John Calvin is often thought of only as a theologian. However, he was first and foremost a preacher of the word of God. Here his sermon series through 1 Timothy is made accessible in English once again. Previously these sermons were available only in a rough facsimile of a 1579 translation. In this volume the language and spelling have been updated to give better access to these powerful sermons preached during a time of intense struggle in the church in Geneva. 

Significantly different from Calvin’s commentaries, these sermons show Calvin the pastor with a deep evangelistic burden. The sermons are valuable for personal reading, sermon preparation, reflection on pastoral ministry, and as models for sermons.”

Kindle Price: $2.99

Kindle Deals: Crossway’s “Theologians on the Christian Life” Series on Sale

24 Feb


Many titles from Crossway’s “Theologians of the Christian Life” are on sale for Kindle right now. These books are about specific individuals that have had profound influence on the life of the church through the ages and they are written by students of the particular individuals with a view to presenting their life and thought to readers in the present day. Check them out!

Owen on the Christian Life
by Matthew Barrett and Michael Haykin: $3.99

Edwards on the Christian Life
by Dane Ortlund: $3.99

Luther on the Christian Life
by Carl Trueman: $3.99

Augustine on the Christian Life
by Gerald Bray: $3.99

Calvin on the Christian Life
by Michael Horton: $3.99

Newton on the Christian Life
by Tony Reinke: $3.99

Bavinck on the Christian Life
by John Bolt: $3.99

Packer on the Christian Life
by Sam Storms: $3.99

Wesley on the Christian Life
by Fred Sanders: $3.99

Warfield on the Christian Life
by Fred Zaspel: $3.99

John Murray’s Collected Writings on Sale

18 Feb

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.50.45 PM

All four volumes of the Collected Writings of John Murray are on sale at Westminster Book for $109 (down from $150+). See below for more information on each volume:

Volume 1: The Claims of Truth contains the most important of John Murray’s shorter writings and addresses between the years 1935 and 1973. They have been placed together in this opening volume of his Collected Writings as the best introduction to his thought on wide range of Christian truth. Murray’s belief was that, while the expression of truth ‘may be expanded indefinitely and furnish nourishment for the highest intellects to eternity’, it is also capable of presentation in popular and generally-understood terms. Accordingly, he speaks in these pages not so much to students as to the church at large in this critical century of her history. Such chapters as ‘Some Necessary Emphases in Preaching’, ‘The Power of the Holy Spirit’, and ‘The Church of Mission’, show how thoroughly he understood the great inadequacies of much contemporary Christianity.

Volume 2: Systematic Theology provides virtually John Murray’s own selection from his articles and lectures in systematic theology. In it will be found definitive treatments of subjects upon which, in the judgement of many, he advanced the frontiers of reformed theology and gave fresh elucidation of biblical truth. This is most evident in the chapters on Adamic Administration and Definitive Sanctification, but the seed-thoughts of further insight are also clearly evident in many other places.

The arrangement is in seven sections which deal comprehensively with the themes of Man, Common Grace, Christ and Redemption (2 sections), Sanctification , Church and Sacraments, and the Last Things. To the authors own selection the publishers have added material from his class lectures. None of the 36 chapters has previously appeared in any of John Murray’s volumes.

Volume 3: Life, Sermons, Reviews brings to the reader both the story of his life and some of the choicest fruit of his ministry. Since the publication of volumes one and two of the Collected Writings of John Murray, this third volume in the series has been eagerly awaited. As promised, it contains an extensive account of Murray’s life and the first published collection of his sermons. Added to these are the penetrating and valuable book reviews which he contributed to The Westminster Theological Journal during the period 1939-1953. Iain H. Murray’s biography of John Murray traces his life from his boyhood days in the north of Scotland at the turn of the century, through the First World War (in which he suffered the loss of one eye), his theological training at Princeton and his long ministry as a Seminary Professor in Philadelphia, until his retirement, his return to his native Scotland, and his late marriage and brief period of fatherhood. The biography closes with a moving account of his last days during the early months of 1974.

Volume 4: Studies in Theology is the concluding volume in the Collected Writings of John Murray. Like the preceding volumes it presents a selection of the finest work, produced mainly during his long and distinguished ministry as Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Volume 4 includes articles dealing with several areas of doctrine which lay close to Murray’s heart. Among them is the hitherto unpublished work, ‘Jesus, the Son of God’, which is possibly his last piece of theological writing. Its chief characteristic – as with all of Murray’s writings – lies in the way in which the text of Scripture suffuses everything he says. This concern to be thoroughly biblical applied also to his doctrine of Scripture, to Christology, and to his understanding of the proclamation of the gospel and the Christian ethic. Outstanding articles in each of these areas may be found in these pages.

Reformed Ethics by Herman Bavinck – A New Translation Project

22 Jan

Below is an excerpt from a recent editorial in the Bavinck Review updating readers on the exciting news of a discovery and subsequent plans to translate a volume from Herman Bavinck on Reformed Ethics which will likely be produced in three English volumes:

Readers of this journal were introduced in our first issue to Dirk Van Keulen’s discovery in the Bavinck archives at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, of a large hand-written manuscript, Reformed Ethics. A small group of Bavinck scholars at the time agreed that this work should be published and translated. After Dirk Van Keulen prepared an electron- ic, transcribed version of the first half of the manuscript (560 pages), your editor began translating and annotating the work in 2012. I came to the realization in the winter of 2013/14 that at the pace I was going, it was going to take a lot longer than I had initially envisioned. With the help of a gift from the Dutch Reformed Translation Society and a number of generous benefactors, I was able to hire out the translation work, a section at a time. In addition, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Fund of Calvin Theological Society, an editorial team consisting of myself, Dirk Van Keulen, Nelson Kloosterman, and Ph.D. students Jessica Driesenga and Antoine Theron, spent the week of August 3–7, 2015 carefully editing already translated sections, establishing editorial protocol for the work as a whole. Deo volente, we will repeat this communal editorial work in the summers of 2016, 2017, and 2018. Readers of this journal who are also members of the Bavinck Society already know that the American mem- bers of the editorial team got a large surprise this summer when we learned that the Bavinck manuscript was over 1100 pages instead of the 560 total that we were working with. This also means that instead of a one-volume work, we are now projecting a three-volume work along the following lines:

I. Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity
II. The Duties of the Christian Life (Ten Commandments)
III. The Life of the Redeemed in the World (Marriage and Family)

We are profoundly grateful to the Baker Publishing Group for its willingness to take on the enlarged project. It is our goal to have the translated and edited Volume I in the hands of the publisher January 2017.

A final word of thanks to long-time friends Harry Van Dyke and Nelson Kloosterman for the gift of their translations that enrich this volume.

~John Bolt~

Bavinck Review Volume 6, 2015.

Books by Herman Bavinck

Bavicnk Quotes

Old Guy Kindle Deals: Reformation Day Sale

30 Oct

Rediscovering the Church Fathers:
Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church
Michael Haykin
Kindle Price: $.99
Hardcopy: $13.82

Preaching and Preachers
D. Martyn Lloyd Jones
Kindle Price: $3.79
Hardcopy: $17.46

Historical Theology:
An Introduction to Christian Doctrine
Gregg Allison
Kindle Price: $6.99
Hardcopy: $30.12

The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen
Sinclair Ferguson
Kindle Price: $5.76
Hardcopy: $16.00

Church History:
A Crash Course for the Curious
Christopher Catherwood
Kindle Price: $.99

George Whitefield:
God’s Anointed Servant in the Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century
Arnold Dallimore
Kindle Price: $.99
Hardcopy: $15.90

John Newton
From Disgrace to Amazing Grace
Jonathan Aitken
Kindle Price: $.99
Hardcopy: $17.15

History Of The Christian Church
(The Complete Eight Volumes In One)
Phillip Schaff
Kindle Price: $1.99

Know the Creeds and Councils
Justin Holcomb
Kindle Price: $.99
Hardcopy: $11.69

A Fresh New Translation of Calvin’s Institutes

30 Sep

Calvin For Everyone
A Fresh, Readable New Translation from Banner of Truth

safe_image.phpPublisher’s Description
The Institutes of the Christian Religion is Calvin’s single most important word, and one of the key texts to emerge from the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Yet, as many who have purchased an English translation of the final Latin edition of 1559 know only too well, the sheer size of the work and the proliferation of technical details and polemical themes do not make for easy reading. It has left many wishing for an edition that avoided such things but yet kept intact the very heart and soul of Calvin’s teaching.

Such an edition is now available, and it is not the work of an editor or an abridger, but of Calvin himself. The Reformer’s 1541 French edition of his Institutes really ought to be better known than it is because it offers the reader a clear yet comprehensive account of the teaching of the Bible—of the work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in creation, revelation and redemption, in the life of the individual Christian and in the worship and witness of the church. Here is doctrine but here too is life–shaping application, for the practical use of Christian doctrine is always Calvin’s abiding concern. The author of the Institutes invites us both to know and to live the truth, and thus allow God’s Spirit to transform us.

Robert White’s new translation of the 1541 French edition of the Institutes makes Calvin live once again, and the reader will be truly amazed at both the power and the relevance of the Reformer’s doctrine and application for Christian living in the 21st century.

Currently, WTSBooks is offering both this new beautiful hardcover edition of Calvin’s Institutes as well as the mini-book “A Guide to Christian Living” for $35 total.

1541 Calvin’s Institutes + A Guide to Christian Living: $35.

1541 Calvin’s Institutes Only: $34.


Old Guy Book Deals: C.S. Lewis on Sale

17 Sep

Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $4.27
Hardcopy: $13.49

The Great Divorce
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $4.07
Hardcopy: $9.62

A Grief Observed
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $2.99
Hardcopy: $10.31

The Four Loves
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $4.41
Hardcopy: $12.55

The Problem of Pain
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $6.99
Hardcopy: $9.62

The Abolition of Man
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $7.99
Hardcopy: $9.80

Weight of Glory
C.S. Lewis
Kindle Price: $7.59
Hardcopy: $10.79

Old Guy Book Deals: Crossway’s Theologians On the Christian Life Series

7 Jul

Calvin on the Christian Life: Glorifying and Enjoying God Forever
Michael Horton
Kindle Price: $1.99
Hardcopy: $14.88

Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life: From the Cross, for the World
Stephen Nichols
Kindle Price: $1.99
Hardcopy: $15.23

Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Spirituality
William Edgar
Kindle Price: $1.99
Hardcopy: $15.23

Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel
Fred Zaspel
Kindle Price: $1.99
Hardcopy: $8.99

New From Banner of Truth: Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology in Clothbound Hardcover

11 Jun


Let all lovers of Biblical Theology and fine books rejoice, Geerhardus Vos’ “Biblical Theology: Old & New Testaments” is being released by Banner of Truth Trust in a beautiful new clothbound edition.

For those who aren’t familiar with Vos, he is considered by many to be the father of Reformed Biblical Theology. Many recent theologians like Richard Gaffin and G.K. Beale stand in a similar stream.

Price: $26.10

Find out more at the Banner of Truth website.
Make sure to select “cloth-bound” instead of “paperback”.