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John Calvin – Lust That Was More Than Beastly

7 May

Moses expressly declares that every kind of fruit-bearing tree had wonderfully adorned that place so that there might be a full and truly happy abundance of all things. Given that the Lord took such pains to do this, how much less an excuse is there for human cupidity if, instead of being content with such a splendid abundance, sweetness and variety of produce, they should hurl themselves against God’s commandment–just as came to pass. The Holy Spirit deliberately recounts through Moses also how deeply happy Adam was, in order to reveal more clearly his disgraceful lack of self-control, which even such affluence was not enough to keep from bursting forth toward the forbidden fruit. And certainly it was shameful ingratitude that he could not rest in a state so happy and desirable. Truly, that lust was more than beastly, which such great generosity was unable to satisfy.

~John Calvin~

Reformation Commentary on Scripture (Downers Grove, IL; IVP Academic; 2012) p. 79.

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