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Charles Spurgeon – Don’t Leave Christ Out of the Gospel

22 Mar

THERE IS A WRETCHED tendency among men to leave Christ himself out of the gospel. They might as well leave flour out of bread. Men hear the way of salvation explained, and consent to it as being Scriptural, and in every way such as suits their case; but they forget that a plan is of no service unless it is carried out; and that in the matter of salvation their own personal faith in the Lord Jesus is essential. A road to York will not take me there, I must travel along it for myself. All the sound doctrine that ever was believed will never save a man unless he puts his trust in the Lord Jesus for himself.

~Charles Spurgeon~

Around the Wicket Gate (Ross-Shire, Scotland; Christian Focus Publications; 1969) Chapter 4: Faith in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

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