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Stephen Charnock – The Power of Christ’s Blood to Cleanse From All Sin

29 Apr


[Christ’s blood] cleanseth from all sin universally. For since it was the blood of so great a person as the Son of God, it is as powerful to cleanse us from the greatest as the least. Had it been the blood of a sinful creature, it had been so far from expiation, that it would rather have been for pollution. Had it been the blood of an angel, though holy (supposing they had any to shed), yet it had been the blood of a creature, and therefore incapable of mounting to an infinite value; but since it is the blood of the Son of God, it is both the blood of a holy and of an uncreated and infinite person. Is it not therefore able to exceed all the bulk of finite sins, and to equal in dignity the infiniteness of the injury in every transgressor?

~Stephen Charnock~

A Puritan Theology (Grand Rapids; Reformation Heritage Books; 2012) Ch. 12: The Blood of Christ in Puritan Piety. Cited from: “A Discourse on the Cleansing Virtue of Christ’s Blood” in Charnock, Works 3:518

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