Owen – On Grace and Obedience

9 May

Objection. But you will say, “This comes nigh to that blasphemy, that God loves his people in their sinning as well as in their strictest obedience; and if so, who will care to serve him more, or to walk with him unto well-pleasing?”

Answer. … What then? Loves he his people in their sinning? Yes; his people — not their sinning. Alters he not his love toward them? Not the purpose of his will, but the dispensations of his grace. He rebukes them, he chastens them, he hides his face from them, he smites them, he fills them with a sense of [his] indignation; but woe, woe would it be to us, should he change in his love, or take away his kindness from us! Those very things which seem to be demonstrations of the change of his affections toward his [people], do as clearly proceed from love as those which seem to be the most genuine issues thereof. “But will not this encourage to sin?” He never tasted the love of God that can seriously make this objection.

~John Owen~

Communion With The Triune God (Wheaton, Illinois; Crossway Books; 2007) p.121.

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