John Newton – The Image of God and Unity

10 May

I endeavour to observe my Lord’s command, to call no man master upon earth; yet I desire to own and honour the image of God wherever I find it. I dare not say I have no bigotry, for I know not myself, and remember to my shame that formerly, when I ignorantly professed myself free from it, I was indeed overrun with it; but this I can say, I allow it not; I strive and pray against it; and thus far by the grace of God I have attained, that I find my heart as much united to many who differ from me in some points, as to any who agree with me in all. I set no value upon any doctrinal truth, further than it has a tendency to promote practical holiness.

~John Newton~

The Letters of John Newton – To the Rev. Francis Okeley (Edinburgh, Scotland; The Banner of Truth Trust; 2007) p. 20.

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