Herman Bavinck On Marriage and the Family

25 Jul

Nelson Kloosterman and Christian’s Library Press recently did us all a service by translating Herman Bavinck’s work on the Christian family into English.

A century ago when this book was first published, marriage and the family were already weathering enormous changes, and that trend has not abated. Yet by God’s power the unchanging essence of marriage and the family remains proof, as Bavinck notes, that God’s “purpose with the human race has not yet been achieved.”

Neither a ten-step guide nor a one-sided approach, this book embodies a Christian theology of marriage and the family. Accessible, thoroughly biblical, and astonishingly relevant, it offers a mature and concise handling of the origins of marriage and family life and the effects of sin on these institutions, an appraisal of historic Christian approaches, and an attempt to apply that theology.

Aptly reminding Christians that “the moral health of society depends on the health of family life,” Bavinck issues an evergreen challenge to God’s people: “Christians may not permit their conduct to be determined by the spirit of the age, but must focus on the requirement of God’s commandment.”

If you’d like to hear more about this project The Reformed Forum did an interview with Dr. Kloosterman that was very informative.

View the Table of Contents and download a PDF of the first 2 chapters here:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.23.06 PM

Find the book at:

WTS – Paperback: $10.80 | Amazon – Kindle: $7.99

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